my philosophy

we only love what we know and we only protect what we love

That`s why I would like to inform locals and tourists about this magnificent biodiversity of the various types of shells.


More than 100 species of shells live in the Adriatic Sea next to Venice. This biodiversity is really remarkable and deserves protection.

be respectful towards living creatures

Do only collect empty shells. If you can spot a living animal inside shell put it back to the sea. Sometimes the animals are hiding deep inside the shells and it`s not easy to detect them. Therefore it`s very important to have a closer look at them.


In the picture you can see a bright orange shell that is still missing in my collection. Because there was still a living animal in this shell I put it back into the ocean.

modest shelling

Hermit crabs depend on empty shells (of gasteropods). Without  their finding a suitable shell they are doomed to die. If we take too many shells they will not be able to find a home anymore.

Be careful

Be careful when touching marine creatures. There are animals that are harmful to humans if we touch them.


In the picture you can see a very toxic Man O`War (a jellyfish), that can be easily mistaken for a violet snail.

The Problems with waste

Unfortunately especially during wintertime a lot of waste is washed on shore. Trash is harmful to the marine creatures and in ist final consequence also for human beings.


  • Plastic bottles and cans need up to 500 years (or even longer)to be degradeted. Plastic waste breaks down in small pieces (micro particles) and these are ingested by fishes and other marine animals. And we are the ones who eat this fish.
  • Dolphins, sea turtles and many other marine animals can get entangled in abandoned fishing nets and ropes and die from suffocation or starving.
  • Plastic bags are often mistaken for food and  therefore swallowed. These animals starve with a stomach filled with indigestible trash.

Yes, you can!

Do you want to take action and gather trash from the beaches? Awesome! Make sure that you protect yourself with gloves!