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How this Homepage and brochure came into existence

I spent countless hours looking for shells, washing and organising them, determining their scientific names with the help of specialist literature. Then I took pictures of the shells and prepared them. Gradually this homepage and the brochure came into existence.

selection of the shells

I have found over 100 species of bivalves and gastropods in the Adriatic Sea near Venice in the last 25 years. I acted to the best of my knowledge and picked some of the nicest and most abundant shells in order to show you on this homepage and in the brochure.


I would like to give just everyone an understanding of the shells therefore I didn`t use only the scientific names, but also the common names in english, german and italian. To some extent these common names don`t exist in the mentioned languages and that`s why I created some on my own by translating these names from the latin, scientific names. In the scientific world only the latin names are used, because the common names often are confusing because there is usually more than one name for just one species.


As a child I experienced the most wonderful vacations that one can just think of. We, my family, discovered lots of different places in Europe with our camper. Soon the region of Cavallino became our favourite.We had a good time between the shady pine-trees of the camping site, the animation program was fun and we relaxed at the endless beach and swam in the sea. It was always an awesome and lighthearted time. Thanks to my mother, my father and my sister.


With my partner Christof, I have explored foreign countries all over the world. Fortunately he shows great understanding for my passion for collecting things. It didn`t matter where we were, there was always something I could explore: shells, minerals or plants. A walk at the beach – lots of patience is needed because I stop about every meter to marvel at any living creature.


Unfortunately, my life was not always happy-go-lucky. At the age of 17 I started to suffer from pain that still affect my life. My partner, my family and my closest friends supported me all the time and accompanied me through this difficult period of my life. Thanks to Christof I had the opportunity to work on this shell project without any time pressure but with a great deal of motivation. In the past 10 years we went through happy times and also were always there for each other in bad times. Thank you, Christof, for being part of my life.


My family, especially my sister Stefanie and Christof helped me with the implementation of this homepage and the brochure by giving me constructive criticism. Many thanks to my godfather Fredi who checked my translations in english and italian. Thanks to Lukas and his assistant for having a look at the italian text of the booklet. And of course many thanks to Stefanie who gave me an informative introduction of picture editing with the program Gimp.


I would also like to thank everybody who provides me with shells from their vacation or goes shelling with me. Especially I would like to mention my mother, my father, Stefanie, my grandmother and Rita (mother of my friend Sandra).


The funding of this project is assured by personal money. I prefer being autonomous and that`s why I wasn`t looking for sponsors telling me what to do. Your donation would be highly appreciated. On my homepage


you can buy a lucky charm or donate. Of course you can also donate via bank payment, just write me a message.

Further Readings

For professionals: a wonderful encyclopaedia (without identification aid, only latin names):

Robin Alain ( 2011). Encyclopedia of Marine Bivalves, including Scaphopods, Polyplacophora and Cephalopods. ConchBooks.

ISBN-13: 978-3939767404


For professionals: a wonderful encyclopaedia (without identification aid, only latin names): Robin Alain ( 2008). Encyclopedia of Marine Gastropods. ConchBooks.

ISBN-13: 978-3939767091


Conchiglie veneziane (Venetian shells, Italian)


Schnecken und Muscheln weltweit, vom Fischhaus Zepkow (Bivalves and gastropods of the world, in german)


WoRMS (World Register of Marine Species) (for professionals)